Tree gift

A product we are very proud of at BloomPost: letterbox trees. Now you can give a tree to your mother, father, nephew or best friend! With this original gift we want to make the world a little greener. Give a tree as a present that will last for years!

Tree gift

Give a tree

Would you like to surprise someone with a sustainable and green gift? Give a tree as a present! The tree is sent through the letterbox, and is therefore more sustainable than a parcel. The recipient doesn't even have to be at home to receive this lovely letterbox gift. It's also ideal if you can't visit someone, but want to surprise them. Do this from a distance with a tree gift!

Letterbox tree

Recipient does not need to be at home

Solid and stylishly packed

Sustainable gift 

Choice of nice greeting cards

Shipping costs £ 3,99 (Sunday delivery is £ 4,99)

Ordered on Sunday to Friday before 5PM and on Saturday before 4PM, for next day delivery 

Giving a tree as a present

How surprised will someone be when he or she receives a little tree through the letterbox! A super nice and original gift if you ask us. A letterbox tree is also a very nice gift to give at a milestone. The tree grows with the milestone. For example, if someone has a baby, or a new house. Especially for you, we have listed all our trees, so you can make the right choice for the right person.

🌳 The Birch is a symbol of courage, vitality and steadfastness. Something we can all use from time to time. Who would you like to give some encouragement?

🌳 Give someone a living fossil as a present? The Ginkgo Biloba has witnessed the rise and fall of the dinosaurs and is the oldest living tree on earth. How special!

🌳 Do you know a real coffee nut? Then give a coffee plant as a gift. A little tree that stays smaller and gives coffee beans at some point.

🌳 If you know a real tea lover, let him or her make some tea themselves! The tea plant is a beautiful evergreen plant with bright white flowers.

Service of Bloompost

You will find the nicest tree gifts at BloomPost, from an olive tree to the biggest tree in the world. Your gift is sure to be original. Add a nice card and your letterbox gift is complete. For as little as £3,99 (£4,99 for Sunday delivery), we will send your surprise to the new home owners. Order your Bloompost on Sunday to Friday before 5PM and on Saturday before 4PM, for next day delivery.