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Letterbox Gifts

Give someone an unforgettable day with an original letterbox gift from BloomPost! Letterbox flowers, letterbox dried flowers and much more. Who are you going to surprise?

Gifts through the letterbox

Sometimes you want to surprise someone with a gift, but you cannot give it to them personally. The recipient is not allowed visitors due to illness, is abroad or is just not at home very often. But you do want to let them know that you are thinking of them... For all of these occasions, BloomPost has created a special range of gifts that fit through the letterbox. Surprising to receive and incredibly nice to give!

Letterbox gifts for every occasion

A gift for a birthday, a birth, a graduation, a new job, a new house, or just to cheer someone up, as a thank you, to wish them well or just for fun... There is always an occasion to surprise someone! That is why BloomPost has an original letterbox gift for every occasion. We are also your favourite address for holiday gifts such as Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, Father's Day and Mother's Day.

All kinds of letterbox gifts

As the specialist in letterbox gifts, you can order all kinds of original gifts at BloomPost. We invented the one and only letterbox flowers and letterbox dried flowers. With our gifts, we want to connect people. Did you know that all our gifts are inspired by nature? From flowers to puzzles, with our sustainable products we make the world a little happier and greener!

Letterbox flowers

From long-flowering roses to original seasonal flowers, you can order the most beautiful letterbox flowers at BloomPost. Always the best quality and fresh from the grower. Thanks to our special packaging, the recipient can enjoy the bouquet of flowers for an extra long time: we offer a 9-day freshness guarantee! Read more about our secret.

Letterbox dried flowers

Would you like to surprise someone with dried flowers by post? Then our dried letterbox flowers are perfect for you. Our dried flowers are hand-picked: a unique and sustainable gift!

Other letterbox gifts

We are also your favourite address for other original letterbox gifts. From flower and plant puzzles, air plants, wall art, bulbs and seeds and even small trees; everything fits through the letterbox. Which letterbox gift is your favourite?

Letterbox gifts packed with love

We really make a letterbox gift of your order. We will send your gift in a festive box; stylish and solid. It will be a nice surprise! We include explanations, tips and tricks and accessories with many of our letterbox gifts. For example, our flower bulbs are sent with a plant poster and our dried flowers with styling tips. Did you know that our letterbox packaging has the FSC quality mark? So your letterbox gift is not only beautifully but also sustainably packaged. And because our gifts are sent through the letterbox, the carbon footprint remains low. With our products, we try to make the world not only happier, but also greener! Would you like to help?

Letterbox gifts with nice extras

Do you want to make your gift even more special? Add one of our fun extras to your order. You can spoil the recipient with a tasty Tony Chocolonely bar or make your letterbox gift extra festive by adding a Mini Party Garland. Because what's a party without garlands?

Personalise your letterbox gift

Would you like to congratulate someone personally, buck someone up or let them know you are thinking of them? Then make your letterbox gift personal by including a greeting card. We have a nice collection of greeting cards for you to choose from, suitable for every occasion. Of course, these cards give you all the space you need for a personal message! Would you prefer to send your letterbox gift anonymously, for Valentine's Day for example? That is of course also possible!

Service from BloomPost

We are BloomPost: your online shop for the most original letterbox gifts! From fresh flowers to puzzles and flower seeds, we make sure that your letterbox gift fits through the letterbox. The recipient doesn't have to be at home. Do you want to score a last-minute gift? Then our fun letterbox gifts are perfect too: we deliver all orders placed before 6PM on weekdays and 2PM on weekends tomorrow to the recipient. You can send your letterbox gift for as little as £3,45 (£4,95 for Sunday delivery). And because there is no parcel delivery needed, there is a lower carbon footprint. A sustainable choice! Do you have any questions about our letterbox gifts? Then you can always contact us. Our team is ready to help you! On our contact page you will also find answers to frequently asked questions from our customers.