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Letterbox Fresh Flowers

Our original letterbox flowers are fresh from the grower, they have a 9-day vase guarantee and are delivered through the letterbox. Sending flowers online has never been so fun and easy!

The one and only letterbox flowers

It is crazy but true: as the inventor of the letterbox flowers and letterbox dried flowers, we deliver all our flowers through the letterbox. Surprise effect guaranteed, because nobody expects such a beautiful bunch of (fresh) flowers through the letterbox. But besides surprising, our letterbox flowers also make it easier to give ánd receive flowers. You do not have to pay high delivery costs and the recipient does not have to be at home. In addition, your letterbox flowers will be delivered quickly. Who are you going to surprise?

Flowers through the letterbox, how does that work?

How do your letterbox flowers stay so fresh? We get that question often! That is why we would like to tell you more about our secret.

Fresh from the grower

The BloomPost letterbox flowers come fresh from the grower and go straight to the recipient. The flowers do not go to the auction and do not have to 'wait' in the flower shop. This saves a lot of time and it means that our flowers are transported much fresher. The recipient can enjoy their letterbox flowers for a much longer time.

Special packaging

We pack the flowers in a special patented bag. The bag contains microscopic holes. The moisture remains in the packaging and only a little oxygen can reach the flowers. Just enough to keep the flowers alive and not enough to keep them from growing. As if the flowers are sleeping. This allows the flowers to be in their packaging for three to five days without water, after which they remain fresh in the vase for another week. When the recipient puts your bouquet in the vase after receiving it, the flowers wake up and remain fresh for more than a week.

9 Days vase life guarantee

Not quite convinced yet? We are so confident we will give you a 9 day vase life guarantee. If the flowers unexpectedly wilt before this, we will replace them.

Sustainable choice

The packaging of our letterbox flowers has the FSC quality mark and, because of the patented foil, there is minimal waste of water and cooling. Our letterbox flowers are therefore a sustainable choice, besides the fact that letterbox mail also ensures a lower carbon footprint than parcel post.

Biggest product range of letterbox flowers

At BloomPost you can have all kinds of flowers delivered through the letterbox: from a romantic bunch of red roses to a mixed bouquet with an exotic or bohemian twist and the most beautiful seasonal flowers. There is a lot of choice. In addition to fresh flowers such as letterbox roses, we also have dried flowers which can be delivered through the letterbox. With these trendy and sustainable bouquets you give someone a lasting memory. Would you like to give something else? Check out our collection of letterbox gifts with all kinds of nature-inspired gifts, including plant and flower puzzles, wall art, seeds and air plants.

Packed with love

A package filled with special content... that is for sure! But we also make your order into a nice present. We send your flowers in a solid and stylish letterbox package. We will add the finishing touches by using chic silk paper, chrysal, flower food and handy tips to keep the flowers fresh for a longer time. Packaged with love! Could it be any more special? Then add one of our greeting cards with a personal message and/or a little extra to your order.

Order letterbox flowers at BloomPost

We are BloomPost: your favourite online florist for the one and only letterbox flowers. Whether you want a bunch of roses, a bunch of Agapanthus or a bouquet for a new baby, you can always count on the best quality and a 100% freshness guarantee. Ordered today before 6PM on weekdays and 2PM on weekends, delivered tomorrow. So having your letterbox bouquet delivered last-minute is not a problem. Would you like to order letterbox flowers, but do you have any questions? Take a look at the frequently asked questions on our contact page or contact us. Our team is at your service!