A new way of giving! BloomPost is here to surprise people with a unique gift by post, inspired by nature! We want to make the world a bit greener and happier. Curious how we do that? Read on below!



As the inventor of the letterbox flower, we strive for a transparent flower industry in which sustainability plays an important role. Within our organisation, we find it important that not only we, but also our suppliers, partners and growers work in an environmentally friendly way. Whether it is about separating waste or transport. A better world starts with yourself. See here what we are already doing.


We choose green! For us, sustainability means offering eco-friendly products such as our trees, dried flowers, plants and bulbs & seeds that contribute to a greener world! Due to our patented green packaging, there is minimal waste of water and cooling. In addition, our biodegradable packaging of fresh flowers is a sustainable film that is 100% biodegradable. The gift packaging also has the fsc quality mark. Read more about our green choices here.


We want to be sustainable in all our relationships. Both with our growers and with our employees and customers. We also invest in the personal growth and development of all our employees. With our suppliers, we strive for a long relationship and a healthy understanding. We are involved and have faith in a better and healthy future. Together! Read more about our collaboration with Houtgenoten, of which we are very proud!


The ultimate goal: really contributing to a green world! Every moment that presents itself, we take advantage of it to draw attention to sustainability. If you have a good idea for a new green product, let us know!