5 reasons to give a tree as a gift

Looking for an original & green gift? We got you! We have a new gift in our range: Letterbox trees. Make someone happy with a gift that will last for years! Give someone a trendy olive tree or the beautiful acacia tree. You can also go for the coffee or tea plant. With these gifts, we want to make the world a bit greener, literally. Will you help us? Here are 5 reasons why this is the perfect gift this spring! Read more >


5 reasons to buy dried flowers

The trend of the moment: dried flowers. At BloomPost we have them in different shapes, colours and sizes. The dried flowers are easy to style. You can combine them with a fresh bouquet, divide them into several vases or decorate them beautifully in a vase. Make someone happy with these original letterbox dried flowers! Read More >


Give a small gift!

How do you show that you really appreciate someone? By giving a present to them! It doesn't have to be big and expensive, a small gesture says a lot. Especially gifts that are given 'just like that' that leave the biggest impression. Who are you going to surprise with a little gift? We give you some tips. Read more >

9 x original gifts for Mother's Day

Mother's Day: the perfect moment to show your mother that you appreciate her. By the way, these days Mother's Day is no longer only meant to surprise your own mum. What about your mother-in-law? Your best friend who has just become a mother herself? Or your aunt who is like a mother to you? Surprise her with an original Mother's Day gift from BloomPost!  See all gifts >

6 x the cutest Christmas gifts through the letterbox

Christmas will be a little different in 2021. We may not be able to visit everyone and parties will have to remain small. Looking for a unique Christmas gift? Then you have come to the right place at BloomPost! From beautiful dried flowers in Christmas spirit to your own DIY Christmas tree. And how simple? You send your Christmas gifts with BloomPost and the recipient gets them through the letterbox! Read More >