Summer flowers

Do you want to bring the summer to someone's home? Then BloomPost is your favourite address! We have the most beautiful summer flowers in our range, from beautiful peonies and colourful dried flowers to flowers in summery colours for the terrace table. Spoil someone with a bouquet of summer flowers or bring the summer into your home with summer flowers from BloomPost!

Summer flowers

Summer flowers by post

Flowers often make us think of spring, but there are also many summer flowers that are perfect for the summer temperatures. You can bring the sunshine into your home or onto the terrace by placing flowers on the garden table. That immediately makes it cosy!

Bringing summer into your home has never been easier with summer flowers from BloomPost. We send our summer flowers by post, which means that they are delivered quickly and fresh. This makes it super easy to send summer flowers and to give someone else a summer feeling: the postage costs are low, there are no long waiting times and the recipient does not need to be at home. Handy!

The most beautiful summer letterbox flowers

Recipient does not have to be at home

Solid and stylish packaging

Nature inspired

Choose from many cool greeting cards

£3.99 delivery costs (£4.99 for Sunday delivery)

Ordered before 5PM on Sunday to Friday and 4PM on Saturday is next day delivery

Summer flower inspiration

What are the typical summer flowers? When the mercury rises and summer beckons, the peony is the ideal choice. This beautiful flower blooms in May and June and is therefore perfect if you are longing for the warmth of the sun. A bouquet of peonies is the perfect way to start the summer season! In addition to a summer bouquet of peonies, a colourful bouquet of fresh and dried flowers is ideal. The BloomPosy Pastel, with its cheerful colours and charm, is also a favourite for the summer. Or how about the BlooMini, nice for your balcony or under the roof?

Flowering summer plants

If you know someone who likes to do things themselves, let them create their own flower field. You can sow our bulbs and seeds in spring, so that you can look forward to a colourful flower garden with lush flowers all summer long. With the Flower Press for example, you can create your own herbarium! An herbarium is a collection of dried flowers and plants. This letterbox gift contains dried flower seeds and flower bulbs, so that you can immediately start growing the most beautiful flowers. PS We have a lot more bulbs & seeds gifts.

Service of BloomPost

For the most beautiful summer flowers you have come to the right place at BloomPost. Flowers as a birthday gift or flowers as a thank you gift: we have it all! Make your own place summery and cosy or give someone else the summer in the sphere. You can send summer flowers quickly and easily via our website. Your package will be sent to the post for as little as £ 3.99 (and £ 4.99 for Sunday delivery). The following applies to all our summer bouquets and other summer flowers: order your Bloompost on Sunday to Friday before 5PM and on Saturday before 4PM, for next day delivery.