New job gift

Do you know someone who just survived a blood-curdling job interview and got a new job? Give them a gift for their new job. At BloomPost, we have fun letterbox gifts that you can use to say 'good luck with your new challenge'. Treat someone to a nice surprise after a long job search.

New job gift

Good luck wishes new job

How nice is it to receive a present after you have found a new job? By the way, you can also send someone a present just in advance to wish them luck with an important job interview. Who knows, it might be just that last push in the right direction! Giving someone a gift for a new job has never been easier with the wide range of gifts from BloomPost. We send our flowers by post, which means that you will receive our letterbox flowers quickly and unprecedentedly fresh. BloomPost has a variety of gifts that fit through the letterbox, making it easy to send them. This way, you can wish someone good luck from a distance.

The coolest gifts for a new job

Recipient does not have to be at home

Solid and stylish packaging

Nature inspired

Choose from many cool greeting cards

£3,99 delivery costs (£4,99 for Sunday delivery)

Ordered before 5PM on Sunday to Friday and 4PM on Saturday is next day delivery

Gift colleague new job

Do you know a colleague who will soon take up a new job within your company? Or maybe make the switch to a new business? Give a nice (farewell) gift. For example, send a bunch of beautiful letterbox flowers. How about the Fancy, a beautiful bouquet of flowers with cheerful colours. Or go for the Fancy's sister, the Sweety. A mix of the most beautiful flowers of this season.

In addition to fresh flowers, you can also gift dried letterbox flowers. This is a sustainable gift. Dried flowers last much longer than fresh flowers. There is a good chance that the dried flowers will still be alive at the new job after a few months of work! How about our BlooMemory? With a personal greeting card, your gift is complete. Prefer a bunch of dried flowers? Go for the BloomPosy pastel.

Original gift new job

Do you want to give a truly original gift to the topper you know? Then go for a letterbox tree. A small tree that grows into a beautiful specimen in someone's garden is an original gift for a new job. The tree will 'grow' with the recipient's career. Nice to capture this milestone (in the ground).

Service of BloomPost

The nicest little gifts for a new job can be found at BloomPost. From (dried) flowers, puzzles and plants to seeds and even trees. Don't forget to add a nice card with a personal message. Or a nice extra such as a delicious Tony Chocolonely bar. Your package will be sent to the post for just £3,99 (£4,99 for Sunday delivery). Order your Bloompost on Sunday to Friday before 5PM and on Saturday before 4PM, for next day delivery.