Little Christmas tree

O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree, Thy leaves are so unchanging. At BloomPost we can't wait to decorate our little Christmas tree! How nice is it if you can surprise someone this year with a little Christmas tree? Especially in times when it is harder to see each other, it is important to do something extra during the holidays. So this year, don't go for a Christmas card, but send someone a little Christmas tree!

Little Christmas tree

Christmas through the letterbox: how does that work?

Do you want to give your mother, father, sister, colleague or neighbour an extra surprise at Christmas this year? We think this is a good idea! With BloomPost we would love to make people smile, and we prefer to do that through the letterbox! Our little Christmas trees also go through the letterbox. A big advantage of this is that the recipient does not need to be at home. As soon as the recipient gets home or walks to the front door, there will be a little Christmas tree on the doormat! Our stylish packaging will immediately bring a smile to your face. And that smile will only get bigger when you unwrap it: a little Christmas tree!

Christmas tree through the letterbox

Recipient does not have to be at home

Solid and stylish packaging

Nature inspired

Choose from many cool greeting cards

£3,99 delivery costs (£4,99 for Sunday delivery)

Ordered before 5PM on Sunday to Friday and 4PM on Saturday, is next day delivery

Christmas tree ready made: festive and easy!

At BloomPost, we have a lot of great letterbox gifts. During the holiday season, we go the extra mile and launch a surprising range of Christmas gifts through the letterbox. An easy way to deliver Christmas to someone's home! From dried flowers to fresh flowers, and of course... The DIY letterbox Christmas tree! The favourite of our supporters. Every year, the little Christmas tree sells out quickly and is a sought after item to send to loved ones. The ideal Christmas gift for anyone. After all, who doesn't get excited about a letterbox Christmas tree?  

Our original DIY Christmas tree is made of real pine branches. Equipped with lights, garlands and wooden stars. So everyone can decorate their own unique Christmas tree! Make your Christmas greeting extra special by sending a real letterbox Christmas tree together with a Christmas card. This gift makes a Christmas greeting super special! Now you just need to think about who you're going to send this Christmas tree to by post.

Who would you like to give a letterbox Christmas tree?

You can give a small Christmas tree to anyone. It is a fun and festive gift that is sure to please! Who are you going to give an unforgettable Christmas this year? Your mother who is always there for you? Your niece who helped you out the other day? Or maybe your best friend who you have been seeing a little less lately? Whatever the reason, with a letterbox Christmas tree you can deliver an unforgettable Christmas through the letterbox! A small Christmas tree is also very suitable as a business gift for your colleagues, customers or relations.

Service of BloomPost

You will find the nicest little Christmas trees at BloomPost, the perfect Christmas gift! Your gift is sure to be original. Add a nice Christmas card and your little Christmas present is complete. For as little as £3,99 delivery costs (£4,99 for Sunday delivery) we can send your surprise to the recipient, or have it delivered to your home! Order your Bloompost on Sunday to Friday before 5PM and on Saturday before 4PM, for next day delivery.