Flower Gift

The most beautiful bouquets for the loveliest moments. Our original flower gifts come fresh from the grower, have a nine-day vase guarantee and are guaranteed to make you smile. Go for an original bouquet of letterbox flowers or one of our other flower gifts: sending flowers online has never been so fun and easy! 


Giving flowers as a gift to your parents, best friend, distant friend or favourite colleague? Whoever it may be, with flowers from BloomPost you are sure to surprise! We have the most unique flower gifts in the United Kingdom, fresh from the grower and individually delivered through the letterbox. Original, sustainable and a real surprise for the recipient. Who will you send flowers to? 


Giving flowers to someone becomes a lot easier and more fun with BloomPost's letterbox flowers! As the name suggests, we deliver all our flowers through the letterbox. This means you don't have to worry about your gift of flowers not being accepted as the recipient doesn't have to be at home. Upon arrival at home, he or she will be surprised by a parcel on the doormat. An important detail: having your flowers delivered through the letterbox is already possible for a small price. For just £3.99, your gift of flowers will be in the post.  

- Original flower gift 
- Recipient does not have to be at home 
- Firm and stylishly packaged 
- Inspired by nature 
- Choice from many lovely greeting cards 
- Shipping costs from  £3.99 (£5,99 for Sunday delivery)
- Order your Bloompost on Sunday to Friday before 5PM and on Saturday before 4PM, for next day delivery 


At BloomPost you can also give fresh flowers as a gift through the letterbox. We send them directly to the recipient. That means no auction and no 'waiting times' in the flower shop, but daily fresh from the grower. This allows us to save a lot of time and your flowers arrive fresher than fresh to the recipient. As a result, he or she can enjoy the flowers for much longer. Still not entirely convinced? We dare to give you a 9-day vase guarantee! 


Our secret? We deliver our flowers in a patented foil with microscopic holes. The foil ensures that the moisture stays in the packaging and only a little oxygen can reach it. This is just enough to keep the fresh flowers alive and too little for them to continue growing. The packaging we use is extra solid to keep them well protected during the journey. When the recipient opens the parcel and puts the fresh flowers in the vase, they will still be beautiful for over a week! Read more about our flower-freshness guarantee. 


You can send different kinds of flowers as gifts through BloomPost. You can order a classic bouquet of flowers from us, such as a bunch of long-flowering white, pink or red mailbox roses or a mixed bouquet of seasonal flowers. Would you like something other than a bunch of flowers? Then we also have other original flower gifts such as the BloomParty, a party through the letterbox! 

Besides flower gifts containing fresh flowers, you can also gift dry flowers at BloomPost. We have various trendy, sustainable and hand-selected bouquets, such as the BloomPosy. But you can also order unique DIY flower gifts from us, such as our Bloomring in green or pink. With our dried flowers, you can give someone a lasting memory. 

Do you know someone whose birthday is coming up soon, but you can't come visit? Give the birthday boy or girl a party through the letterbox with our birthday gifts with fresh flowers. For example, go for the original Hooray package with beautiful fresh flowers. Or how about the Birthday Package. A package with flowers, a party hat and mini garland! 


A birthday, newborn, new home, diploma, a thank you... sending flowers as a gift is of course always possible. However, we have put together various flower gifts for some occasions to make it even more special. We have special birth gifts, birthday packages and gifts to express sympathy. In addition, you can add an appropriate greeting card to each gift, of course with enough space for a personal message. Want to spoil someone even more? Then be sure to take a look at our extras. 


All our gifts are inspired by nature, from fresh and dried flowers to air plants, seeds and cool puzzles with plant or flower prints. That will brighten up any home! Besides wanting to make the world a little happier with our products, we are also committed to a greener world. All our packaging is FSC certified, has minimal waste of water and cooling, and because we deliver through the letterbox, there is a lower carbon footprint than with parcel delivery. With our flower gifts, you are choosing sustainability! 


Giving flowers as a gift to your sweetheart, best friend or fairy godmother? BloomPost has listed the most original gifts for you. We will send your gift for as little as £3.99 (£4,99 for Sunday delivery). Order your Bloompost on Sunday to Friday before 5PM and on Saturday before 4PM, for next day delivery. Any questions? Get in touch with us! In addition, check out our blog for more (gift) inspiration.