Condolence gifts

Even in difficult times, it is important to show that you are thinking of someone. BloomPost is happy to help. We have a wide range of gifts for a condolence or to wish someone strength during a difficult time. Sometimes a small gesture says so much!

Small attention for condolence

At BloomPost, we also have many small gifts that are good for showing support, wishing strength and offering comfort. Sometimes it is very valuable to send something small to make a big gesture. For example, you can send something more than just a condolence card for a condolence service. A small ray of hope during the dark time someone is going through. By the way, with all our cards you can also add a condolence card or a greetings card with a personal message.

Condolence gifts: a grand gesture

The condolence gifts from BloomPost show that you are thinking of someone, even in times of distress. Sometimes a small gesture can make a big difference. At BloomPost we have different condolence gifts that are all easy to send. They come in a stylish gift box. Many of our gifts can be sent through the letterbox, so the recipient does not need to be at home. Add a condolence card with a sweet message to make your gift extra personal.

- Sweet condolence gifts
- Solid and stylish packaging 
- Nature inspired 
- Choice of many nice greeting cards
- £3.99 shipping costs (£4.99 for Sunday delivery)
- Order your Bloompost on Sunday to Friday before 5PM and on Saturday before 4PM, for next day delivery

Condolence flowers

Sending a sweet bouquet of flowers as a condolence is a beautiful gesture. BloomPost is the specialist in letterbox flowers and delivers your flowers in a solid packaging. The flowers ‘fall asleep’ during transport, which keeps them fresh for a long time. A suitable bouquet for a condolence is our White Roses. White roses represent love, silence, calm and innocence. If the recipient of the flowers is a little less traditional, you could also go for a bunch with a little more colour. Just to celebrate life! Our Sweety is a bouquet with calm but beautiful colours. The light pink roses can also be sent for a condolence.

Other condolence gifts

You can literally send someone a ray of hope during this difficult time with our candle gift. The BlooMemory Candle is an appropriate gift for a condolence. The wooden holder offers space for a glass vase with dried flowers, a candle to light and your condolence card.

We can imagine that you would like to send someone some extra love at this time. You can do that with the BloomLove. This wooden holder with fresh flowers also offers a nice place for the condolence card. Looking for an even more personal gift? Then send one of our letterbox trees. For example, the Stone pine. The recipient can grow this tree into a large tree. This can be a beautiful way of remembering someone: by planting a tree in return for his or her departure from the earth.

Service from BloomPost

You will find the sweetest condolence gifts at BloomPost. You can add a condolence card with a sweet message. For as little as £3.99 (£4.99 for Sunday delivery) we will send your surprise to the recipient. Order your Bloompost on Sunday to Friday before 5PM and on Saturday before 4PM, for next day delivery. Still have questions? Please contact us.