Christmas bouquets

Deliver Christmas to someone's home by sending a Christmas bouquet! December is the most enjoyable month of the year. Time to hang up the lights, and decorate your house with Christmas ornaments. But it is also the time to think of others and surprise them with something small. And how nice if you also bring nature into your home? BloomPost helps you surprise your loved ones with the most beautiful Christmas flowers. Because flowers put everyone in a festive mood!

Christmas bouquets

Ordering a Christmas bouquet: easy peasy!

At BloomPost you can easily order a Christmas bouquet. We will deliver your Christmas bouquet to you in a stylish package. It is sure that you will bring a smile to the recipient with one of our Christmas bouquets! By the way, don't wait until Christmas to send one of our beautiful Christmas bouquets. It is actually nice to bring the Christmas atmosphere a few weeks earlier before Christmas in the house. All our Christmas bouquets are delivered through the letterbox, so the recipient does not need to be home. In this way, your Christmas bouquet can (almost) always be delivered. A Christmas party on your doormat!

Order your Christmas bouquet online

Recipient does not have to be at home

Solid and stylish packaging

Nature inspired

Choose from many cool greeting cards

£3.99 delivery costs (£4.99 for Sunday delivery)

Order your Bloompost on Sunday to Friday before 5PM and on Saturday before 4PM, for next day delivery

Red Christmas flowers

Today is red, the colour of... Christmas! Despite the fact that there are countless colours of letterbox flowers, with red flowers you really bring the Christmas atmosphere into your home. Red Christmas bouquets are not only beautiful, they also bring a warm atmosphere into someone's living room. The perfect Christmas surprise! Send a beautiful red Christmas bouquet composed of red Amaryllis. The ultimate Christmas bouquet! Amaryllis flowers with eucalyptus as a surprise delivered through the letterbox. Make your Christmas wishes extra special by sending a Christmas card together with the Christmas flowers. Would you like to send a romantic Christmas bouquet? Then go for our red letterbox roses!

Deliver a Christmas bouquet to a loved one

During the holidays, you want your loved ones to be close to you. However, sometimes that is not possible. Fortunately, BloomPost is there to help you let your loved ones know that you are thinking of them! You can deliver a Christmas bouquet to a loved one with BloomPost! We have composed three bouquets with Christmas flowers especially for Christmas: Amaryllis Red, Amaryllis Mixed and Amaryllis White. Three beautiful Christmas bouquets that will steal the show in any interior! Which colour do you choose? Of course we hope for a white Christmas again this year, but why wait until it snows when you can deliver a White Wonder? We have packed these snow-white, star-shaped flowers in a beautiful letterbox gift. A fresh Christmas bouquet for the recipient to enjoy for an extra long time! Do you prefer to bring colour into someone's house these dark days? Then go for our cheerful Sweety bouquet with colourful Christmas flowers. Still not quite what you're looking for? Then take a look at her sister Fancy.

Sending a Christmas bouquet? Choose dried flowers!

At BloomPost we not only have fresh letterbox flowers, but we also have dried letterbox flowers! And did you know that dried flowers are also perfect as a Christmas bouquet? You can put them together as a bouquet, but also divide them over separate vases. Great for on the table during Christmas dinner! The ultimate dried flower Christmas bouquet is our BloomPosy Christmas. We have selected the most beautiful dried flowers in Christmas style. Order this fun Christmas gift and give someone an unforgettable holiday! Also fun: the BlooMemory Christmas. This is not really a Christmas bouquet, but it is a bunch of beautiful dried Christmas flowers! The wooden standard also offers space for a nice Christmas card. Great if you want to do something more than the standard Christmas card this year!

Service of BloomPost

From dried flowers to fresh flowers, you will find the nicest Christmas bouquets at BloomPost! Your gift is sure to be original. Add a nice Christmas card and your little Christmas present is complete. For as little as £3.99 delivery costs (£4.99 for Sunday delivery) we can send your surprise to the recipient, or have it delivered to your home! Order your Bloompost on Sunday to Friday before 5PM and on Saturday before 4PM, for next day delivery.