Fresh from the grower

Our flowers go straight to the recipient without any detours. No auction, no ‘waiting times’ at the flower shop, just fresh from the growers. With these fresh flowers recipients can enjoy the flowers much longer.

Special packaging to protect your flowers

We hand pack our flowers in patented foil with microscopic holes. This way the moisture remains in the packaging and only a little oxygen can reach the flowers. Just enough to keep the flowers alive and not enough to keep growing.

Sshhh.. they’re sleeping

From that moment they are packed, they fall asleep. During their journey to delivery they can go without water for up to five days.

Thanks to the sturdy packaging, they are well protected. Once the receiver opens the letterbox and puts the flowers in water, they wake up and remain fresh for over a week.

9 days vase life guarantee

We are so confident we will give you a 9 day vaselife guarantee. If the flowers unexpectedly wilt before this, we will replace them.