Plants & Trees

Plants are not only beautiful and cosy to have in the house, but they are also healthy! With good care, a plant will last for months: a sustainable gift. Our plants all have a special story, so there is a suitable plant gift for everyone!

Plants as a gift

Do you want to give someone a plant as a present? Or maybe to yourself? Then you have come to the right place at BloomPost. We have the coziest plants for your house or garden. Choose a beautiful green plant in the living room or go for an air purifying plant to breathe new life into your (home) office. Together, we will build an urban jungle, because you never have enough plants!

Send a plant gift

Ordering plants online has never been easier. Especially our letterbox plants make sending a plant gift super easy. As the name suggests, we send these plants by letterbox post. That is not only cheaper, but also better for Mother Earth.

Surprise for example someone with our trendy air plants by letterbox post. Because air plants are easy to care for, they are the perfect gift for someone who does not have green fingers.

Plant gift delivery

In addition to letterbox plants, you can also order larger plants delivered at BloomPost. We have a plant gift for every taste and occasion. Take the Begonia Maculata for example: a plant for the true beauty lover. Or how about a cactus, nice for someone with a somewhat prickly character (wink). We also have special exotic plants, such as our popular Schefflera. This plant does not get too hot under the feet easily, because it grows on lava! One of our other popular houseplants is the Light plant. This is a plant gift for someone who can use a ray of hope. In short: the choice is huge!

A plant gift for every occasion

All plants from BloomPost make a green and original gift. But even better: they all have their own story. So there is a suitable plant for every occasion and every person. Here is an overview:

- Dottie. The happiest plant of BloomPost! A feast for the eyes and the perfect houseplant for someone with a sense of style.

- Rosa. Our favourite pot rose! The light pink pot rose is also known as the Infitiny Rose, and it stands for infinite love!

- Opuntia. The perfect gift for anyone you would like to give a hug right now. A plant with a tough appearance, but without annoying spines!

- Lava plant. A real daredevil and perfect as a gift. This houseplant gets its water from the lava rock it grows on.

- Peperomia Raindrop. This plant looks like the classic pancake plant, but much bigger! Popular among plant lovers and a real asset to any interior.

- Coffee plant. The surprise for a real coffee-addict. With this plant you can harvest your own coffee. And it looks nice in your windowsill.

- Tea plant. Is the recipient a tea drinker? Send someone a tea plant. A beautiful evergreen houseplant with bright white flowers.

- Skyline plant: A powerful houseplant that also needs little care. Ideal as a starters plant.

- Pineapple plant. Did you know that this plant is also known as the anti-snoring plant? We all know someone who can use this plant.

Service of BloomPost

Plant delivery is now even easier with BloomPost. We have selected the nicest green houseplants, potted plants and letterbox plants that brighten up any room. Give a plant as a gift and experience the power of green! Our plants are sent with care tips so that the recipient can enjoy their green friend even longer. For our plants the following also applies: Order your Bloompost on Sunday to Friday before 6:30 PM and on Saturday before 4PM, for next day delivery.

Psst... looking for another green gift? Then take a look at our letterbox trees.