Deliver a gift for a birthday, new job, new house, graduation, newborn, thank you or to send someone your compassion... There is always a reason to surprise someone. You just must find an original gift… Fortunately BloomPost has several unique letterbox gifts. From the one and only fresh letterbox flowers, to air plants and amazing puzzles: a joy to receive and fun (ánd easy) to give. If you place an order on Sunday to Friday before 6:30 PM and on Saturday before 4PM, your gift will be delivered tomorrow! Who are you going to surprise?


Our mission is to surprise people and to connect them through presents, every day again. Did you know that every gift of BloomPost fits through letterboxes? For this reason, we make it easier for you to send someone a gift. You do not pay sky high shipping costs, your gift will be shipped quickly and you don’t have to be afraid that the receiver will miss his package when he is not at home: your present will be delivered on the doormat. And the receiver, he will definitely be surprised when he finds out what’s in the package.

Do you want to send a gift last-minute or in the future? Anonymous or with a personal message? Name it and we will take care of it!

· The original letterbox gift
· Receiver does not need to be at home
· Solid and stylish packaging
· Nature inspired
· Choice from many nice greeting cards
· £3,99 delivery costs (£6,99 for Sunday delivery)
· Order your Bloompost on Sunday to Friday before 6:30 PM and on Saturday before 4PM, for next day delivery


Bloompost is your way to find original presents through the letterbox. You can order the one and only letterbox flowers as a gift. From a romantic bouquet of red roses or a beautiful bouquet of seasonal flowers to Ornithogalum, Ranunculus and mixed tulips: we have flowers for every taste! We deliver these gifts in a stylish and sturdy packaging with a patented foil that ensures that the flowers stay fresh during the journey. In addition, the flowers go directly to the recipient; no long waiting times at the auction or in the store. That means that the person you send the gift to, can enjoy the flowers for a long time. We give a 9 days vase warranty!

· Directly from the grower
· 100% freshness guarantee
· 9 days vase warranty
· Solid and stylish packaging

Is the recipient a trendy lady or gentleman or are you looking for a gift that the recipient will enjoy for a longer time? Then our dried flowers are ideal! We have various dried flower gifts: from beautiful bouquets in pastel colors to original DIY garlands where the recipient can be creative. Also these flowers will be delivered through the letterbox. Would you like to send a gift to a person who is having a hard time? Then the BlooMemory and BlooMemory Candle are perfect.


Looking for a gift for a special occasion? Then you can also deliver gifts via BloomPost. We have special offers and products for Valentine's Day, Easter, King's Day, Father's Day, Mother's Day and Christmas. But you can also come to us for gifts for a business contact, colleague or employee. Together we can create something special: for example, a packaging and greeting card in the style of your company including fun extras. Check our companies page for the possibilities.


Do you want to add something to your gift? Then you can send it with a nice extra. For example, you could spoil someone with some delicious Tony Chocolonely chocolate or add a garland to make the parcel even more festive. Deliver a gift with a card? That is also possible! At BloomPost you have the choice of many greeting cards, each with enough space for a personal message. This makes your gift even more special!


Send fun gifts in a unique way with BloomPost: your favourite address for original letterbox gifts. With our gifts, we make the world a little bit happier, but also a little greener. All our gifts are inspired by nature and are eco-friendly. We deliver our gifts through the letterbox, which means a substantially lower carbon footprint compared to delivery by parcel post or via a florist delivery by car. All our packaging carry the FSC label. If you choose to send gifts with BloomPost, you choose sustainability!

We deliver your gift for £3,99 (£6,99 for Sunday delivery). For all products, the following applies: Order your Bloompost on Sunday to Friday before 6:30 PM and on Saturday before 4PM, for next day delivery. Do you have any questions about our gifts or delivery? Please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you! On our contact page you will also find answers to frequently asked questions.