5 reasons to give a tree as a gift

Little trees that you can send through the letterbox, how nice! With this original gift, we want to make the world a little greener. Figuratively, because it is a sustainable gift that will last for years. Literally, because they are green (and sometimes yellow and white)! Will you help us to green the planet? Give a tree! Not quite convinced yet? Here are 5 reasons to give a tree as a gift.

1. Spring is just around the corner

Spring is on its way, so that means it is time for some spring cleaning! Not only in your home, but also in your garden. As soon as the first rays of sunshine come through, you want to be able to sit outside in your garden or on your balcony. Bring greenery into someone's garden by giving them a tree. With a tree, your garden will be ready for spring in no time!

2. A unique way to celebrate milestones

Do you know someone who has something to celebrate? Then you can give them a letterbox tree as a gift. A tree lasts for years, so the recipient can enjoy it for a very long time. The tree grows along with the milestone. Someone who just had a child? Give a tree, and it will grow 'together' with the baby. Someone who has just graduated? Give a tree, and in a few years time, look how big it already is. How quickly time goes! Also nice: give an olive tree at a wedding, so you wish for strength and a positive image of the future.

3. A tree is your best friend

By planting a tree, you contribute to a better world for yourself and for everyone around you. A tree takes CO2 out of the air, thereby purifying the air. A tree produces its own oxygen, which is useful for people and animals! A tree also provides cooling. We can really use that with the increasingly hot summers. Last but not least, trees are also simply beautiful creatures, and an enrichment for every garden.

4. More trees = more animals

Trees are good for biodiversity in our country. More (different) trees mean more animals and insects. The roots of the tree provide more underground visitors in your garden. The fungi and bacteria that develop at the roots are a food source for many soil creatures. In turn, these soil animals also provide a better living environment for the tree. A real favour! The tree itself also provides shelter for birds and insects. Great for attracting new birds to your garden.

5. You won't find a more original gift

A tree in your letterbox? Nobody expects that! A letterbox tree is an original way to show that you appreciate someone. Give a tree to your parents, friends, colleagues or your neighbour. With this gift, you can thank someone, show that you miss them or just for fun. Every time the recipient sees the tree, he or she will think of you.

A tree for everyone!

Are you convinced and do you want to give a letterbox tree as a gift?

We have the perfect tree for every friend, colleague, brother or sister.

- If you know someone who loves tea, you can give them a tea plant to grow their own tea.

- Does someone prefer coffee? Then you should buy a Coffee Plant to surprise them!

- For the true olive lover, you can give the beautiful and powerful Olive Tree as a gift.

- Someone who expects an original gift? Give them an ancient tree. People who buy a Ginkgo biloba are giving a living fossil!

- Do you know a real beauty? She or he deserves a beautiful tree. For him or her, it is best to buy a Persian sleeping tree.

- To someone who is really dear to you, it is best to give the beautiful Acacia tree as a gift.

Buy a tree online and make the world a little greener!

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