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Proud: Collaboration with Houtgenoten

Visiting our colleagues at Houtgenoten. A learning place for people with a distance to the labor market, who provide us with the most beautiful wooden creations.

We love wood
You may have noticed, but many of our gifts contain wooden elements. Think of the air plants, the BloomParty, the BlooMemory or for example our new product: the Do-it-yourself Herbarium. These wooden gifts all come from Houtgenoten. Houtgenoten is a wood workplace where the most beautiful products are handmade. But more important: Houtgenoten is a company that gives people with a distance to the labor market a chance. See, that’s what makes us really happy at BloomPost!


Everyone is welcome
Houtgenoten is a learning place for people with all kinds of backgrounds. Jos Nijs and Lotte Nijs, father and daughter, are proudly running this wood workplace. Employees who work at Houtgenoten, have for example an indication, are following a development program, are status holders, have a limited wage value or are trainees of a social or vocational training program. Lotte: "It is very rewarding work, we are really close to the people and we can give the guidance that is really needed”. It’s time to visit our colleagues from Houtgenoten.


Meet Nicole & Vincent
During our tour of Houtgenoten, we met the always enthusiastic Nicole (34) and the smiling Vincent (25).

Nicole stood out immediately upon entering. Her enthusiasm was overwhelming and she enjoyed making holes in the holders for the BloomParty. When asked which product she liked best, she shouted enthusiastically: "The BlooMemory! And what she thought of the air plants? No, she doesn't understand that gift. "Who would like to have that kind of plants?", said Nicole. However, she does think that making the air plants is one of the most fun parts of her job. When I tell her that BloomPost exists to make people happy with one of our gifts through the mailbox, we detect a smile. She herself would like to give the BloomParty as a gift to Richard, a friend. "Because I'm proud of him”.



Vincent enjoys his work a lot and he is always happy at work. He likes all the BloomPost products and loves to work with it. When asked what he likes most about his job, he answers: "The varied work and the jokes that are made". If he has to choose, he prefers drilling holes in the wooden blocks. Vincent enjoys working at Houtgenoten. Many jokes are made, but the funniest person on the floor? "That's Jos!", says Vincent.

Sustainable relationship
Sustainability is an important theme for BloomPost. We see the collaboration with Houtgenoten as a sustainable relationship. The most beautiful products are custom made at this workplace. In addition to have an eye for the product, we also take the employees into account and look at how they can develop in the long term within Houtgenoten. This goes hand in hand with the mission of BloomPost. We are extremely proud of this partnership, and we want to thank Nicole, Vincent and all the other Houtgenoten employees for their efforts!


For more information about Houtgenoten, please visit